Dear David

About a year ago chance started to gather a group of people that had something in common: they simply understood each other.
The basic idea was to do everything we wanted to.
There is no beginning or end (we believe) so the result is the process.
Our will was to make ways of expressing what we felt, to show the way we live our lives and share what we think of this world.
As we have some limitations (money related issues mostly) we do the best with what we have in hand to create something new.
Beauty is out there. You just have to catch it.
Thought out that year we’ve learned from our mistakes, we met some new people, some went away. Hearts were broken, videos were made, photographs taken, we were happy.
If your life were made into a movie, would be worth watching it?
For this video you are about to watch we asked everyone on the group to give out ideas. Some music that they loved, a poem, a scene, a dialogue, a color, anything.
And for over a couple months we gathered material and produced images and sounds. Two days before the deadline we took all of these pieces and went to the countryside on a quiet farm to edit everything. How? We had no idea.
On the road, moon was full and one of us forgot something very important.
We were far enough to go back and we kept on going.
Fuck it.
We are going to make something out of nothing, out of what we have.
Dance to the music, that’s how we make art in Brazil.
When watching some of the footage
(those ones you do when you are having a good time)
We got it.
to best appreciate this piece
put your headphones
an open your heart.

MAIS VIDEOS DO COLETIVO ACESSE O SITE: http://420agentegosta.wordpress.com/